7 silly myths about the health

It’s just ridiculous. What exactly don’t need to believe!

1. Gum remains in the stomach. Indeed, the stomach can’t process chewing gum as fast as regular food. But after 1-2 days the gum will come naturally.

2. Man uses only 10% of your brain. This myth more than a hundred years! However, various studies show that people actively use all areas of the cerebral cortex!

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3. Hair and fingernails continue to grow after death. For the growth of hair and nails requires a whole range of hormones which can be produced only in a living organism.

4. You can not Wake sleepwalkers. If you decide to Wake up La Sonnambula, you’re not hurt. What can be said about your health! A lunatic can behave very aggressive with the person who dared to disturb his sleep.

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5. Dog mouth cleaner than human mouth. Don’t be scared – you don’t have to give up the pleasures of kissing your pet. The truth is that in the mouth of your boyfriend, and in the jaws of a dog is about the same number of bacteria.


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