6 Russian singers and actors who love their fans

In 2016 Marat Basharova was lucky three times: he fell in love with his fan, married her and welcomed the birth of a son. Our sincere admiration!

We decided to get acquainted with his beloved and to remember other times when Russian famous men fell in love with their fans.

Marat Basharov

In 2012, 25-year-old Bank employee Elizabeth Shevarkov started to fall asleep favorite actor messages in social networks. Basharov not immediately, but drew attention to a beautiful girl.

However, he, apparently, serious plans were not built, because in 2014 he led to the altar, not Elizabeth, and Catherine Organovo. The affair with the fan got a second life only after the divorce.

Subsequently, a joint holiday abroad Lisa got pregnant. In 2016, the couple had a boy.

Armen Dzhigarkhanyan

Brilliant actor in his 80’s married to 36-year-old Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya. A woman carries her love to the Dzhigarkhanyan since adolescence.

Mara admits that she sought the meeting. But we have to clarify: this story is not about fanaticism. Of course, a beautiful woman, but she truly is talented and hardworking! Went from pianist to Director of theatre. Perhaps this captured Dzhigarkhanyan.

Oleg Yakovlev

In 2013, the singer suddenly left the band “Ivanushki International”. And journalists did not fail to find the culprit – Alexander Kutsevol. This is a long-time fan of Yakovlev.

According to rumors, Sasha 11 years I dreamed to win the heart of blonde. In order to achieve their goals became a journalist and ended up in the circle of stars.

At first the girl just annoyed the singer. But then she found her way to his heart: using bonds, helped the idol with a solo career. It provided the rotation of his songs on the radio. Oleg appreciated the effort and made Alexander his life companion.

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The ex-vocalist of the group “on-On” never complained about the shortage of female attention. So, “nanhaizi” sometimes waiting in a hotel room. However, Mary (Marina) Ichetovkina was quite different. Levkin took her as his wife in 2012.

The couple had a surprising acquaintance! One day Marina came to the meeting of the fan club. There Levkina she admitted that she loved him since childhood. They say to deserve his attention, “has evolved from a provincial girl into a successful woman.“ The singer listened to her and immediately made an offer. But then she refused. Like, getting married. The dialogue was so impressed by Vladimir, is that he himself wanted to meet the fan closer.

It turns out that Marina had previously approached the singer. But decided to “become a person” and get an idol of the family. Levkin he added. “It was a thrill,“ admits lucky.

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In September 2013, the participant of group “Roots” led to the Registrar Rosalia Canaan my fan. The girl herself initiated the introduction and meeting. Referring to the media, she liked the singer his “innocence and beauty“.

It is known that Rosalia graduated from the Institute of administration of international tourism. Interested in manicure and nail extensions. When a couple quarreled so much that she wanted to go for a new love in “House 2”. But still returned to her husband.

Kai Metov

Honored artist of the Russian Federation married the daughter your fanatic fans from the Rostov region. His wife’s name is Anna Severinova. She grew up on the songs of her husband, because they listened to her mother.

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For the first time the girl had been at the concert Metov in 8 years. Then the girl handed him the tape that he put his signature. She hugged him and shed a tear. Kai, too, was touched.

Years later, the couple met in the lobby of the don hotel. Anya turned to remind the star of a long episode. Exchanged contacts in social networks. There was a correspondence, then there were infrequent meetings during the concerts. Finally, IT is a great love. But 20 years difference in age is not an obstacle!

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