6 mistakes in clothes that allow women of middle age

When a girl is young, she is primarily interested in what she wears and how she looks. In middle age, when much has been achieved, the woman begins to relax, her look deformed on their attractiveness and of itself. And she makes mistakes…

1. She buys clothes for teenagers wanting to cheat age

Do not argue, there are also the opposite situation. But among our compatriots is often found mania rejuvenation using is not suitable things. To verify this, it is enough to watch a few editions of “Fashion sentence”. Brutal mini looks on the ladies of middle age as well as the clothes in the spirit of swag. After a certain age you need to bet on elegance and proper cut. It’s not old, and not aging.

2. She believes in myths about hairstyles

Therefore, cuts long hair when she turns 40, thinking that it was time. Dye his hair when the first gray hair. But who ordered it? You can follow the fashion trends, wear long or short hair, but that doesn’t mean you should dictate the course of action in this matter. Such misconceptions are born creepy hedgehogs and pixie ladies over 50, who are old before their time.

3. She is afraid to change anything

The style you liked in my youth, should remain as a nostalgic reminder. So no, there are women trying to smuggle him through life. They get stuck in an uncertain age, fearful of change.

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Thinking that it will be a good wife and mother in the eyes of loved ones, she is ready to purchase the fifth shirt daughter a new shirt husband stole beautiful mother or mother-in-law, and she goes, “what God sends”. The worst thing about this is that she’s losing herself as a woman ceases to feel attractive, and in the end no one in my family never appreciates her sacrifice.

5. She sacrifices her desires

She may want to buy a dress embroidered with stones, a beautiful tweed jacket “Chanel” or a new clutch, but she looks back on someone else’s opinion. It may be a husband, friends, relatives or colleagues. Don’t be afraid to do what you like only you and no one else. It gives a wonderful feeling of freedom and youth…

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Even if your figure is far from ideal, it’s not an excuse to wear a sack of potatoes. The average age is not the time to wear huge shapeless robes. Even a full body can be nice to emphasize, to focus on the chest or waist, choose the right style.

As the great Audrey Hepburn:
“Woman’s beauty is not in her clothes, not her face, not in the way she styles hair. A woman’s beauty is in her eyes, because they are the door to her heart, the place where love lives. True beauty is reflected in her soul, how she cares, as she demonstrates a passion and such beauty with age becomes brighter”

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