6 habits come from the Soviet Union, from which should be abandoned

Many people remember the Soviet Union fondly and with nostalgia. But there are those who talk about “the scoop” with anger and horror. Anyway, almost every one of us still lives one or the other strangeness generated by the specifics of the Soviet way of life. Of course, the former residents of the USSR, there are good habits, but many installations still need to get rid of as soon as possible.

These 6 “Soviet” qualities look like in the modern world completely and wildly inappropriate. Don’t ever do that!

1. Never throw ANYTHING out!

Habit never to throw away the native “scoop” with Gogol’s Plyushkin. Things piling up over the years, gradually turning the apartment into a real dump.

The reason for this behavior lies on the surface. “And suddenly I throws something, and tomorrow I need it?” — it was this thought is haunted by the man that survived more than one economic crisis.

Indeed, through a piece of overexposed film you can admire the solar Eclipse. And if you chip in with friends alone skiing with balcony, it is quite possible to fry shish kebabs!

Sometimes we are talking about this mental disorder, but most often is just a habit, developed in years of scarcity. Today it looks pathetic!

2. All the best THEN!

The only “scoop” will drink from a cracked Cup, while the new is in the sideboard, waiting for better times. New clothing and shoes should certainly “rest up” on the shelf, because the old stuff is still quite good!

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In everyday life such people have no place fancy clothes, beautiful dishes and delicious food for no reason. All the best postponed for later, for guests and for the occasion.

And so it turns out that everything is new, clean and bright — only the “best” life, which never comes!

3. The company “clean plates”: the habit to EAT up everything!

In childhood we hammered into his head that playing with food is bad, with bread — so all sin. But how to dump products that can’t even be considered!

Even if soup is almost spoiled, it will still feed dad and grandfather (and most undemanding family members). Importantly — in any case not to pour in the toilet!

“Scoop” are more likely to put themselves at risk of poisoning spoiled food than throw it away!

4. The habit of TAKING all that “bad lies”

One of the typical habits of the carriers of the “Soviet” ideology is the desire to usurp any unprotected things.

In each Soviet family at least once in your life heard the phrase: “And it’s not buy — and dad brings!” But if in the era of total deficit “nesuny” looked good (the real earners and breadwinners of the family!) today, quietly vyvorachivaya the property of the employer, in the best case you’ll be called a skinflint and a jerk. Well, at worst you simply will be held accountable!

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This habit applies mostly to women. Somehow, the response to compliments on appearance, good spirits, etc., almost all Soviet citizen and immediately started to make excuses and even the Blues.

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Lyudochka you look great today.

— Yes, you! I don’t get enough sleep, and the blouse on me old…

Do you recognize yourself?

Only in the Soviet Union women, blushing and ashamed, fended off compliments instead of accepting them with dignity and gratitude.

6. “What will people SAY?”

Bad habit to make decisions, looking back at the others, instilled in the Soviet people from childhood.

“Look how you’re behaving? What will people say? See, there is the grandmother looks at you?” — to inspire us parents.

It would seem that there is nothing special. But man’s whole life then unconsciously looks back at the abstract of grandparents, aunts and uncles, for fear that they will think ill of him.

To live without regard for society, perhaps, not necessary, but if you always give up desired because of the fear of condemnation and misunderstanding of others, it is time to rethink your priorities!

Of course, we all come from childhood, so old habits cannot be eradicated in one day. But awareness is the first step to liberation. Let no one ever will be able to call you “scoop”!

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