6 funny stories about sex for one night 18+

“Prevented the language barrier”.

6 смішних історій про секс на одну ніч 18+

Ah, those novels one night! Time they one-third consists of a nice two – thirds-of the strange. And I would like to: relax with friends, suddenly see a handsome stranger, a spark – and here it is, sex. And no matter what modern society is not too favorable for this one. It is important that in fact there is nothing wrong!

1. It happened in the kitchen

“I met him at the bar, which came with friends. We flirted, and then went to some of the distant areas, which was closed for the night kitchen. Spent there few hours and were confident that nobody had noticed our absence. But when we got back, friends laughed and congratulated us. It was pleasant and not very. More I never seen it, but the night was excellent,” Maria, 28 years old.

2. Said I want it

“Last year I traveled to Ireland and went into another café. Some guy gave me a drink, then another… anyway, I called him to my hotel room, because you want to sleep right now. And he said that the building where the cafe, in the hotel his friends live. We went up there, and the next thing I saw, four men stepped out of the room, not meeting me eyes. The sex was great, but I have not seen” — Anfisa, 28 years.

3. Sleepy

“My friend and I met a few interesting men. With one we began to exchange glances. Then he went to the bar. There were two ladies, celebrated the 20th anniversary of friendship, and one asked what are we, we are so good for each other. And then he interrupted me and started telling me she loved me since childhood, and I don’t give him a chance. They advised us urgently to take advantage of the situation, otherwise it will be too late.

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We sat in the bar, coming up with more complicated lies, and finally, do believe in it! Then I went to him, and I fell asleep while he was doing cunnilingus! It was so sad that morning, I quietly ran away, leaving him a phone number and we never met,” Faith, 30 years.

4. Something went wrong

“I was standing on the street talking with a friend, and then came some guy. I didn’t want to talk to him, but it so happened that in 10 minutes we kissed, and then went back to my place (I rented an apartment with a friend). We were good together, but then it became awkward. He went to the bathroom and then got in the wrong room naked and went into one where a friend had sex with my boyfriend…

In General, I woke up this morning, he’s gone, but phone, purse and belongings still in the room! It turned out that he was drunk out of nowhere in a towel. Luckily, got home late, quietly took the things and left. And then I realized that the towel he also brought”, — Olga, 23.

5. We didn’t understand each other

“In 18 years I met a foreigner. We communicated with gestures, liked each other and decided to have sex. It was good, but because of the language barrier I could not really anything to show him. It was funny, and this story still remains my favorite”, — Svetlana, 25 years old.

6. He loved hard sex

“We met in the gym and continued the day at his house. Turns out he loves bdsm, and recently bought a couple new toys. I’m not very fond of such things, but it was good. Nevertheless, we parted, leaving each other phone”, — Alla, 34 years.

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