56-year-old Cindy Crawford appeared completely naked

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 56-year-old Cindy Crawford posed completely naked

Supermodel Cindy Crawford posed completely naked in the bathroom for her hair line. The star shared the video with her social media subscribers.

In the video, 56-year-old Cindy Crawford showed fans how she takes a shower and shampoos her hair from her Meaningful Beauty line. In the process, the supermodel discovers she has run out of her favorite shampoo.

“Do you know that feeling when you are about to wash your hair, climb into the bathroom and realize that the shampoo is over? Stay asleep so you can replenish your supplies in time, — a voiceover appears.

Cindy Crawford launched her own beauty brand, Meaningful Beauty, in 2004. Initially, the brand's portfolio included only anti-aging skin care products, but last year the supermodel expanded the line by releasing hair care products.

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