55 hours, over 1000 missiles and 170 targets: Operation Dawn in numbers

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 55 hours, over 1000 missiles and 170 targets: Operation " Dawn

The IDF summed up the brief results of Operation Dawn, which the Israel Defense Forces carried out against Islamic Jihad in Gaza.

Thus, the operation lasted 55 hours, during which time the Israeli military attacked 170 targets. The terrorists, in turn, fired more than 1,000 rockets at Israel, Ynet reports.

According to IDF spokesman Brigadier General Ran Kokhav, in the last few minutes before the ceasefire went into effect, the IDF carried out strikes on weapons depots, launch sites and other Islamic Jihad installations.

has been agreed by Egypt, and we are interested in highlighting this point. The commendable behavior of the population during the offensive and the successful missile defense resulted in zero casualties on the Israeli side,” Kokhav said.

fired rockets at Israel 8 minutes after the ceasefire went into effect.

The IDF stressed that two high-ranking commanders of Islamic Jihad were eliminated during the operation. At the same time, as Ran Kokhav noted, the terrorists launched about 1,100 shells, 200 of which exploded in Gaza.

According to Kokhav, more Palestinians died from failed rocket launches than from IDF fire. Despite this, the military is investigating reports of unidentified civilian deaths, including children.

At the same time, IDF spokesman Ran Kokhav did not comment on the demands of Islamic Jihad. about the release of Bassem al-Saadi, who was arrested last week in Jenin. It was his arrest that caused the threats from the terrorists, which eventually resulted in a three-day standoff.

The approximate cost of Operation Dawn was also calculated. According to the press, the three days of Operation Dawn Israel spent approximately 500 million shekels.

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