52-year-old homeless Briton took to Cambridge

He British did not expect.

Briton Jeff Edwards, who for several years lived on the street, successfully passed the entrance exams and secured a place in one of the colleges of Cambridge University.

This writes the Chronicle.info with reference to 24tv.ua.

The man said that from childhood he loved literature and wanted to study it. However, due to poor grades in school, he flunked out of College. Besides, his parents had no money to pay tuition boy. So I had to get a fab farm.

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Later, Edwards moved to Cambridge, where fact and became homeless. He often visited the library and requested “unnecessary” books to continue to read. To collect some money for food, accommodation and literature, the man sold the charity magazine Big Issue.

In 2014, Edwards went on free training courses at the University of Cambridge. Subsequently, he successfully passed the entrance exams thanks to the knowledge on medieval literature, and went to College Hughes Hall is the oldest higher education institutions in Cambridge for alumni and adult students.

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I didn’t think about joining the Cambridge. I never thought that Cambridge University can accept someone like me. But my mentor supported me so I did join. This is the first thing I’m most proud of in my life. Cambridge is a big step forward. I can’t believe that I have achieved, – says the man.

In College he would study English literature.

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