50 to 50: doctors are extremely concerned about Kostomarov's chances to recover

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 50/50: doctors are extremely concerned about Kostomarov's chances of recovery

After two strokes, the health of the athlete deteriorated sharply. Doctors are still hesitant to take him out of drug sleep.

It is known that the edema has moved to the figure skater's head, and now doctors are afraid to take him out of drug sleep, in which he has been in it for the first time during the entire period of treatment.

“Ophthalmologists regularly examine him, while he is all in edema and it's too early to talk about anything”, – the source said.

Now, as the doctors say, the athlete's chance to survive — 50 to 50. If Kostomarov's immune system fails, then the treatment may be useless. The figure skater was already having his blood cleaned in the hope of improving the situation, but he had a stroke, which caused other complications and made the course of treatment difficult.

Since January 10, Roman Kostomarov has been in the hospital, where he was initially admitted due to pneumonia. The disease developed rapidly and led to necrosis, secondary meningitis, fibrosis, and several other serious complications. The figure skater had to amputate the foot and hands of both hands in order to save him from the onset of gangrene. In recent days, doctors have assessed Kostomarov's condition as extremely serious.

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