50 tips about sex. From live women! (photo)

We asked the women to articulate what they want in sex. They exclaimed: “finally!” — formulated.

50 порад про секс. Від живих жінок! (фото)

Humanity is not the first age to have sex, but perfection in this case is still not reached, reports Rus.Media. And since historically, sex the man decided to play with a woman, we finally decided to hear a female opinion. That, so to speak, to improve their performance.

Asked these women to give us specific advice about sex, without any reverence and reservations. And they said Yes! So meet: 100 tips about sex from real women.

1. Foreplay should take at least 13 minutes, during this time, the woman will get used to you so much that hardly will refuse from sex.

50 порад про секс. Від живих жінок! (фото)

2.When a woman is close to orgasm, don’t change the rhythm.

3. Not to dwell on the clitoris, do not forget that around him, too many nerve endings.

4. It is not strange, it is easier for a woman to have an orgasm in the missionary position boring: after all, it is simultaneous stimulation of G-spot and clitoris.

5. If you feel that ejaculation is close, but I want to extend – pull the testicles down and back.

6. But to speed up the onset of orgasm is possible by pushing the testicles to the perineum.

7. By the way, if the G spot is not an invention of bourgeois scholars! She lives in the middle of the front wall of the vagina.

50 порад про секс. Від живих жінок! (фото)

8. But keep in mind: some women like the stimulation of a G-spot, as the feeling is similar to tickling. In this case, better stick to good old clitoris.

9. Peak concentrations of substances of concern in women sexual attraction accounts for 9 to 14-th day from beginning of menstruation. But beware: these days the woman is ovulating.

10. Massage her toes. Not only will you impress her man, who knows what subtle pleasure, but will provide additional blood flow to the genitals.

11. The average sexual intercourse lasts 3.5 minutes, and women to achieve orgasm you need about 10 minutes. You know what to do.

12. Never, never, do you hear? — do not twist the girl’s nipples. Why do you think that it’s great?

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50 порад про секс. Від живих жінок! (фото)

13. Apply lubricant on the penis and not the vagina. Try to do it quietly — just to maintain a romantic mood.

14. Start with cunnilingus: after that the girl definitely wants to have wild sex. But here you are.

15. Light biting and sucking of earlobes do not like only the most callous person.

16. Good manners require you to warn the girl about the orgasm, especially if she’s giving you oral sex.

17. If you want to offer the girl to have a Threesome with a vibrator, let it be new and in the box. Strange, but the girl is not hurt that you’re not a virgin, but insulted that your vibrator knew of other women.

18. Carefully choose lighting for the bedroom: give preference to the warm shades of pink and orange. But blue, green and purple bulbs to avoid: all with them, similar to dead.

19. And about lighting: better without him. Liberating women sex in complete darkness.

20. How would you not like oral sex, do not bow to the girl, pushing her head down. It’s not gentlemanly.

50 порад про секс. Від живих жінок! (фото)

21. But if she is already engaged with you in oral sex, in no case do not press on her head with his hands. The partner should feel free and comfortable to at least not choke, and as a maximum, the most to have fun.

22. If the partner is full, no need to lie to her, claiming that she’s skinny. Better get carried away with luxurious feminine forms. In fact, so she liked about you, right?

23. If during cunnilingus in your mouth you got hair, get it discreetly from the partner. Don’t make all the action in the play viprobuval.

24. If the permanent partner (e.g., wife) says he does not want sex, and deliberately set up outside and start to masturbate to her picture. But do not repeat this trick more than once a year: a cumulative effect is absent.

25. If you saw the movie “Hot flight attendants dressed as nurses – 3” position that is sunk into your soul, but your partner is adamantly against it, humble yourself. Physiology is different for everyone.

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26. If you give his penis an affectionate nickname, let it be between you and dick. You need to know.

27. Women love the feeling that gives a touch to their skin natural fur. But don’t have sex with her on her fur coat or the cat! Get a special piece of fur.

28. If after sex she asked you what you think, tell me directly: “you are a miracle.” Then you can sleep with a clear conscience.

29. Series of fast-paced, with slow to partner to associate you with woodpecker, no linijam.

30. Let the partner be active, especially if you see that her experience does not hold. Trust me, she knows better than her to achieve orgasm.

50 порад про секс. Від живих жінок! (фото)

31. During sex you better be naked: t-shirt, socks and pajamas do not add sexuality. With the exception of cases, when you role-play.

32. So, some women excite rude words during sex. But not all. And not all words. So it is better to find out this issue in advance so as not to offend her in vain.

33. Get partner hands on your head: this is a power move causes in women a surge of sexual submission (forgive us feminists).

34. Vigorous squeezing during sex is more relevant than light stroking, especially when we are talking about the buttocks, waist or neck.

35. Inner thighs in women is two times more sensitive than the external. So if you can compress external, internal — only stroke.

36. Do not overuse the expression, “My little girl”, don’t do the mistake of Humbert Humbert.

50 порад про секс. Від живих жінок! (фото)

37. In a hurry during sex called his partner by name former? For Example, Zinaida? Quickly add: “Zinaida … nothing compared to you!”

38. Not to call the girl by name in time of sex, even to avoid errors, it is impossible. On the contrary, girls love it when during sex said their names. So train your memory.

39. Women like it when men moan during sex, but not silent like it was on seven minutes as he died.

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40. Remember that a woman can get pregnant during menstruation. A so-called “safe days” is not a way of protection. So if you want anything in this world to control, use a condom.

41. Want to have a Threesome with his regular girl? Never suggest her as a third candidate, someone of her friends. And certainly not suggest to position the third wheel on his ex.

42. If you managed to have a Threesome, don’t even think in the process to whisper to one of the girls that she likes you more. Even if it were true.

43. If, during the ill-fated Threesome feel like going, let the thought of how many men would kill to be in your position, gives you the thumbs up.

44. During a Threesome it is important to calculate the forces: a focus on two parts of 20 minutes each. Both girls were satisfied.

45. If one of the partners (Yes, we’re still about a Threesome) you will get tired in the process and sleep, you have the legal right to continue with her friend. Until she goes to sleep.

46. If you want to offer the girl something new in formulating the proposal was not in the form of a question, and impelling form. Wrong: “Do you want me to kiss you under your arm?” Correct: “I kissed you under my arm, or my name’s not Edward!”

50 порад про секс. Від живих жінок! (фото)

47. The best way to show the girl that sex for you is not just sex, but the triumph of unity of your souls during sex is sometimes insightful to look the girl in the eye.

48. Man is so arranged: when the sound of music, it starts automatically moving to the beat. This biological knowledge will be very helpful if you are having sex for the first time: synchronization contributes to orgasm.

49. To continue the rhythmic movement more than 10 minutes is unethical in relation to the partner and her delicate organs, which actually you can grate.

50. Don’t lie to a girl, no wonder nature gave you hands and knees, which can transfer weight during sex.

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