5 Tips on how to choose a sports cupper

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 5 Tips for Choosing a Sports Cupper

Every person who has at least a little experience in betting knows who cappers are (special people who offer bets) and how useful they can be even for those who understand nothing about sports. However, these days there are many cappers, so the choice becomes more complicated. This is not to mention scammers who can pretend to be good cappers or even have a few fixed rates.
To simplify things and choose a good specialist, Telegrator compared the blogs of sports cappers and decided to give you some tips on how to choose them and what aspects of the use of cappers should be taken into account.

Real statistics

There are many people on social media who claim to be true professionals and try to portray themselves as the winning capper.
However, this is rarely true. Screenshots or excel spreadsheets are not proof of winning.
Try to avoid cappers who sell their services on social networks. Instead, visit specialized platforms and choose verified accounts that have been successfully doing this job for a very long time.
Have reasonable expectations

Many people think that cappers can make you really rich while you are just lying on the couch. Fraudsters who pretend to be real cappers pretend that this is the case, but in reality everything is different. a capper that has an ROI (return on investment) greater than 10% is a very good capper. So if you don't have a big enough bankroll, you may end up with less income than you would like. Not many people think about the fact that you should deduct the capper's subscription fee from your profit.
You should also take into account that you can get less income than the capper's statistics show. This is due to constantly changing odds and while you may get a good bet offer, you can still bet when the odds drop.
In some cases, you may not have an account with a certain bookmaker, so the odds may differ if you are looking for the same event at other bookmakers.
Choose according to sport and league
It may seem strange at first, but things like the league you choose really matter. For example, if you like to bet on NBA basketball and want to buy an NBA capper, consider if you can place your bets on time. NBA games start at unusual times in Europe and many other continents. If your capper is from the US, chances are you will receive a bet offer at night while you are sleeping. You should receive offers at a convenient time for you.
Pay attention to the country of the capper and his time
This follows from the third tip we talked about. Depending on the country in which the capper is located, you may receive tips at different times. You won't get much benefit if tips are sent to you when you can't bid. Yes, the capper will make betting offers, but you also have to put in enough effort. You need to understand the betting (for example, the differences between regular and Asian handicaps), manage your bankroll, bet quickly and trust your capper. If you are a passionate sports fan, you may not agree with the capper's opinion.
Bets different from those offered may lead you to worse results. You are buying services, so you must trust the provider.
Be prepared to lose

It's not as easy as it seems. Long winning streaks come to an end, and then a losing streak can begin. This is absolutely normal since you can't always win. Even the best cappers can fail. Actually, it is for this reason that cappers are evaluated according to statistics for a long time (years), and not for several months. Losses will come, so you should stay calm, manage your bankroll well and wait for the best. Source: Kappery.com

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