5 simple but effective tricks to strengthen your nails before and after the manicure

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5 simple but effective tricks to strengthen your nails before and after the manicure

Whether it’s a man’s or a woman’s, a neat hand is a good business card to carry along with a beautiful smile. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be treated even if you are a man and do manual work and not from the office. A good presentation with a soft, well-groomed handshake can only leave a good impression.

Many people are constantly trying various home methods without getting results. But with these 5 effective tricks it will be a breeze to strengthen your nails before or after the manicure, making them beautiful and seductive.

The secrets that each of us should know to seduce with a handshake

Hands are a tool we have to converse, to work, to eat and to really do many other things. Well-groomed hands are a plus and can help us be stronger and more confident.

This is why we should all remember that in addition to the skin of the face, hair and even make-up, we must also take care of this part of the body that is often neglected.

With the right tips, even for a homemade manicure, you can get them great results in no time and you just have to try. With these simple tips, you can strengthen your nails making them beautiful and ready for the next nail polish application.

5 simple but effective tricks to strengthen your nails before and after the manicure

The first thing to do is iwiring e strengthen the skin, the nails of the hands, passing a good cream on the hand and nails with circulatory movements. The cream must have as ingredients, for example, the keratin which is a strengthening and emollient like Vaseline. In this way the nails and hands will have a well-groomed look right away.

After having done the first fundamental step, you have to take thecuticle oil and go and massage the cuticles and nails with circulatory movements. This will increase hydration and give an extra boost to nail growth. The cuticle oil must be very nourishing, therefore with extracts such as almonds or jojoba.

Arrived this far, you need to preserve your nails as much as possible from enamels O solvents too aggressive not to weaken them. You have to make a healthy and reasonable choice without expecting too much. Avoid as much as possible nail polishes or gels that are not reliable and use mild solvents.

After making this choice, move on to a strengthening for the treatment of dry or cracked nails. This will need to be used as a real nail polish and will be a great coating to protect your nails from external factors. It will also act as a base if you want to proceed in passing a colored nail polish.

Finally, as well as outside, it is necessary to act from the inside with the supplements designed to make nails beautiful and healthy. In addition there are also gods foods such as vegetables, eggs, nuts, almonds and many others that are suitable for the purpose.

Finally, don’t forget to keep your nails trimmed and to wear protective gloves if necessary as for housework. Prevention is better than cure.

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