5 simple and proven ways to improve your health

5 простих і перевірених способів зміцнити своє здоров'я

These tips will help you to stay healthy for an entire year

If you want to be successful, to achieve the desired goals and also have enough time for yourself, you definitely need to stay healthy for a whole year. Tell you how to improve your health without going to the pharmacy or family doctor.

Not necessarily adhere to all methods, but each of them definitely will bring many benefits to you and your health!

1. Train self-awareness

Self-awareness is the ability to recognize and understand own moods, emotions and aspirations. Developing it, you increase the chances of mental and physical well being.

“Deeply understanding your feelings, motivation and behavior, we act usual and ultimately make the best decisions”, – Dr. Nadine Sammy, teacher of physical education and sport at Exeter University.

For example, try to understand his motivation to play sports. When you adhere to the schedule of their trainings, and when not? Why? There are many ways for the development of consciousness: journal writing, meditation, practice of mindfulness and introspection just after certain classes or in the evening at the end of the day.

“Understand yourself, we are able to make maximum use of strengths and to start working on the weak. And it inspires to become the best version of himself,” Nadine Sammy.

5 простих і перевірених способів зміцнити своє здоров'я

Do not be lazy to keep a diary

2. Get a dog

Training in the gym, Pilates or a morning jog – that’s what most often comes to mind when you decide to become more physically active.

However, instead of sports training there are many other ways to make regular exercise part of your daily life. For example, you can Park a little further from the entrance to the supermarket, where you come for shopping, or stop to use the Elevator in the office.

But it is best to have a dog. If you walk her for at least 30 minutes twice a day, can increase their activity while gaining more emotional pleasure from communication with your pet.

“You get to spend time in the fresh air, to exercise, to acquire a faithful companion and also to improve the life of another living creature. All this has a positive effect on physical and mental health”, – ROS Thatcher, lecturer in sports physiology at the University Aberstwyth.

5 простих і перевірених способів зміцнити своє здоров'я

The dog can be physically active

3. Eat more different kinds of plant food

It is believed that in normal, we must consume five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. This is about 400 grams. But we must strive not only to quantity but to variety.

Megan Rossi, researcher of the Department of nutrition at king’s College, London, argues that in a week we should eat 30 different fruits, vegetables and other plant foods. Its diversity is responsible for the health of the intestine.

Gut bacteria, or microbiome, are important for the health of the body. Allergies, obesity, inflammation, Parkinson’s disease and even depression linked with them.

A greater diversity of plant foods in the diet can be achieved in one simple way: a little cheat while you shop.

“Instead of just buy chickpeas, take a blend of four beans. And instead of one type of grain, also buy a mixture of the four”, – Megan Rossi.

If you are afraid of figure 30, set a goal each week to enter into the diet one at a time to the new product.

5 простих і перевірених способів зміцнити своє здоров'я

In your diet should be high in vegetables

4. Smile more often

Every time I set a goal to lose a few pounds after the holidays? Or trying to decide how many times a week that will now go to the gym?

But such a goal, we often put spontaneously, and it may be difficult to achieve. And the failure to do this may even beat off all desire to try. So try to focus first on how to become happier.

“There are many specific things you can start doing to become healthier. But if you are happy with your life, you most likely will not be able to support any significant or difficult changes” – Dr. James hill, a researcher of the medical faculty of the University Workscope.

To become happier, decide on one change that will make you smile more often. Along with this decide that now makes you unhappy, and get rid of it. And then you’re ready to seriously address their health.

5 простих і перевірених способів зміцнити своє здоров'я

Remember every day to smile

5. Sleep enough

Corny, but we really need a good night’s sleep. As a rule, a healthy adult needs 7-9 hours for this. And even a small sleep deficit (for example, reducing its duration to 5 hours) can affect a number of cognitive functions, including the ability to make decisions.

Do everything to better sleep. For instance, drink coffee before bed and go to bed every day at the same time. But most importantly, put away electronic devices, the smartphone and the laptop for a few hours before bedtime. Or at least use a special filter or glasses that block blue light.

5 простих і перевірених способів зміцнити своє здоров'я

Take enough sleep

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