5 signs of too high blood sugar levels

5 ознак надто високого рівня цукру в крові

Doctors recommend not to ignore the signals that you body sends

Too high blood sugar levels can be a sign of peredam or diabetes that adversely affect overall health. There are signs that indicate this is a dangerous violation of the body.

“These manifestations may be the first signs of high blood sugar levels and should make you pay attention,” – experts say.

1. You often want to drink and go to the toilet. When the sugar level becomes too high, the body includes mechanisms to balance it. To reduce the concentration of glucose in the body includes accelerated urination, going to the toilet a person begins even at night. Fluid loss contributes to dehydration, which makes an intense feeling of thirst.

2. Periodically, a feeling of fatigue. Frequent episodes of loss of tone and weakness can also be signs that indicate too high level of sugar. In this case, the blood becomes thicker, its flow slows – blood flow requires more time to supply organs. The cells don’t get essential nutrients quickly enough, and a lack of it provokes the feeling of fatigue. Addition to wear a person can night trips to the toilet are deprived of adequate sleep.

5 ознак надто високого рівня цукру в крові

Fatigue can be one sign

3. Your eyes suffer. The effect is blurry vision and difficulty reading can also be a sign of high blood sugar levels. The doctors in this case we speak about diabetic retinopathy.

4. Aching limbs. Too high blood sugar contributes to the damage of the delicate nerve fibers responsible for thermal and pain sensitivity. In the legs of pain may occur. Feature is night pain. Also discomfort can occur in the hands, and fingers.

5. Your memory is deteriorating. Research specialists from Berlin’s Charit University hospital showed that the blood sugar influences the quality of memory. People with excess glucose, show the worst results of cognitive tests and more are prone to Alzheimer’s disease.

5 ознак надто високого рівня цукру в крові

You have problems with your memory?

Take care of yourself and do not hesitate. Contact your doctors if your condition has changed dramatically, and usual things become simply impossible due to the fact that you feel much worse than usual.

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