5 natural ways to enhance sexual desire

5 природних способів покращити сексуальний потяг

These tips will positively affect your love life

On Valentine’s Day, you want to give joy and delight your loved one. Sex is one of the best incarnations of this task. Share five simple, natural ways to improve libido!

Hiking. They not only help to lose weight extra weight, but to return to the former shape. In addition, these easy exercises enhance your endurance and sex need to train her, if you want to prolong the pleasure. You will need energy.

Healthy eating. Add more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fish in your diet. This food also increases stamina and strengthens General health that you need for a healthy and active sex life.

5 природних способів покращити сексуальний потяг

Don’t forget a healthy and balanced diet

Weight. Extra pounds cause erectile dysfunction. It is therefore very important to monitor the weight.

The health of blood vessels. Regularly check blood pressure, fight holesterinovmi sediments. The cleaner the vessels, the higher the conductivity of blood. In particular, and in the genital area, which is important for sex.

Health of the mouth. Research in The Journal of Sexual Medicine showed that diseases of the oral cavity can lead to impotence. Follow the hygiene of teeth and gums.

Oh and don’t forget that love to have fun. Love and be loved 😉

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