5 Facts about Tamara Bleszynski’s Business Losing Tens of Billions, Deceived & Reports Denied by Police

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5 Facts about Tamara Bleszynski’s Business Losing Tens of Billions, Deceived & Reports Denied by Police


Tamara Bleszynski is faced with a disaster. The 46-year-old actress allegedly suffered a business loss due to an irresponsible person, Mother.

The woman who now lives in Bali visited the Criminal Investigation Unit of the National Police on Tuesday (12/10/21), noon. He was present with a man who was seen wearing a suit and vest.

The mother of two children came waving her hands when she was met by the media crew. He entered the Bareskrim building without giving a statement regarding his visit at that time.

But on Instagram, Tamara Bleszynski suddenly asked for prayer and justice. He uploaded a portrait of himself who came to the Criminal Investigation Police and wrote his hopes in the upload.

“I ask for prayers dear friends. May justice be there for me,” wrote Tamara on the @tamarableszynskiofficial account.

When speaking to the media, Tamara Bleszynski revealed her current condition. He admitted that he was in good condition even though he was faced with a fairly heavy problem, Mother.

Tamara Bleszynski spoke in a trembling voice regarding the matter business which has been going on for a long time. At this time he could not say more and still hopes for justice for him.

“I can’t say much because I can’t get ahead of this. I pray that there will be justice for me and the other people involved. I want to thank all my friends, my family too, pray that I can get justice,” said Tamara, quoted from detik.com.

Currently, the artist born in Bandung, December 25, 1974, has asked the authorities for help. But unfortunately, Tamara Bleszynski’s report has not been received by the police because there are still incomplete files, Mother.

Tamara Bleszynski’s attorney, Djohansyah, explained that his client was trying to seek justice from the police for his case. They are still trying to fulfill a number of related documents for the examination process.

“The investigators are still helping to ask us to fulfill some of the related documents. So we are still a little bit more work to find this justice, hopefully it can be fulfilled soon,” he said.

What is the chronology of the case experienced by Tamara Bleszynski? See on the next page, Mother.

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