42 cars collided on the highway in Hungary – video

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 42 cars collided on the highway in Hungary – video

The Hungarian Directorate-General for Disaster Management reported that forty vehicles collided on the side of the M1 highway heading towards Győr. This provoked a massive fire, as a result of which the “completely burned down” nineteen cars and the cab of one truck. The chaos spread to the other side of the road, where two more vehicles headed towards Budapest collided.

The agency said 70 firefighters and four helicopters took part in the cleanup. One person tragically died, forty others were injured, two people were taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries, and 12 received moderate injuries. The remaining 26 people involved in the accident received minor injuries.

infrastructure hinted that the fire was intense enough that immediate intervention was needed. In this regard, the teams began grinding and removing damaged areas in preparation for laying new asphalt.
According to the preliminary conclusion, the dust storm caused a deterioration in visibility and provoked an accident.

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