40 rockets from Gaza. “A new round of escalation” is inevitable

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 40 rockets from Gaza.

40 rockets from Gaza. A new round of escalation is inevitable

Commentator and military reporter for Maariv newspaper Tal Lev Ram was interviewed this morning by 103FM radio and touched on the rocket fire that came out of Gaza tonight and the security tensions following the operation in Nablus.

Lev Ram said: “You have to look at the statistics, she talks about everything. The data is such that every week there are shellings from the Gaza Strip. The data is such that over 40 rockets have been fired from the Gaza Strip in the last two months, and the data is such that it is clear who is in charge in the enclave – and this is Hamas and Islamic Jihad, and that for every event that exceeds X deaths by territories, they respond with rockets from Gaza.

Maariv newspaper commentator added: “Once the shelling returns to the south, and there was a long period of time when this almost did not happen, this will not be the end of the matter. Where will it stop? Eventually, it will stop in the course of an operation or escalation round. It is clear that we are moving towards this. Anyone who thinks that the escalation will only be in Judea and Samaria and will not reach the south is mistaken. Netanyahu is juggling many balls at once, including the issue of security in Judea and Samaria, also Gaza, also social tensions within Israel, and we have not said a word about the sensational news that has come from Iran over the past year. What happens in the security sector is very complex and greatly affects the behavior of the government".

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