4 types of sex, which must try every man before marrying

Maybe after you’re already married don’t want to.

4 види сексу, які повинен спробувати кожен чоловік, перед тим як одружитися

In every man’s life there comes a moment when he realizes that to deny it anymore, that excuse is over and it’s time to finally marry the woman he loved. (Especially as children begin to ask: “Mom and dad, why aren’t you married?”)

But before that moment comes, the man should try four varieties of sex that are available mainly outside of marriage. So you had something to remember the quiet family evenings near the microwave.

Sex without commitment

And on a regular basis. You meet, have a good time in bed and on other surfaces of the apartment, and peaceful, rasputia in your life. You don’t care what color Aster prefers her mother, and she does not care how you called friends in the yard.

It is not strange, such a relationship is a gem, a rarity and a favorite story for the ties of romantic comedies. Save their lack of spirituality and physiology is not easy. Take care of sex without commitment.

Sex with older woman

This item is actual only for those who had not crossed the 30 year mark. Still on the fourth decade to surprise someone with something is difficult. And in 25 years, and especially in the nineteen hoo as possible. Not to mention the fact that when you’re nineteen, for the older women it will come down 30-year-old. On the one hand, she’s already experienced, and with another — is still very young.

Sex for one night

Sex without commitment is mostly a chronological framework. There is something vicious, alluring to feel intimacy with a woman and then not meet never. (Of course, if she will not nurse in a kindergarten, where you through the years will take her son, is another story for strings of romcom). But remember that in any case need to behave nobly. So don’t promise your night passion, that call, even if you didn’t get her phone number.

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Sex in three

This refers to the ensemble of the two girls and one of you (reverse the gender composition of leave for the porn industry). This event looks more like a sport than a virtuoso relaxation. But worth a try. At least for the sake of someday grandchildren was not painfully boring to listen to your stories.


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