4 female Zodiac Sign as magic charms for men: men around them not afraid of any troubles and bad weather

4 женских Знака Зодиака как магические обереги для мужчин: мужчинам рядом с ними не страшны любые беды и ненастья

Your love and devotion they transformerait in an invisible cocoon. Their energy is life-giving power, an endless stream of forces. Behind any king is a loving heart, a woman giving your whole self for the happiness of his men.

Think they should be on hand to groom and give affection. But the reality is much more prosaic, their efforts often taken for granted, and nobody can say even a simple word of thanks.

Alas, but reaching the fame, money and recognition, only a few will remember who accompanied them on a hard, thorny road. Female charm is not self-seeking, not thinking about the benefits she just loves and supports and sometimes puts the happiness of the beloved is much higher than its own.

Even when there is raging storm, a man will not notice this, because my favorite reliably protects it. It is easy to take away his sadness, and will do anything to pain and disappointment passed.

Often so strong commitment is found among the representatives of the several zodiacal constellations.


Sometimes it blows cold and dispassionate look makes it clear – she’s going to end. Virgo self-sufficient person, and rarely depends on the circumstances or men. Only in the family circle alone with your loved one, it can show how much warmth and affection hides her soul.

For the native people of Virgo tend to sacrifice when their own interests fade away into the background. She constantly advises, plans and assists the second half to choose the correct path.

This sign has a certain flair, accurately determining the correct motion vector. Although its advice is often met with hostility. Men often resent the claim that they themselves know everything and in the end followed her advice. Though of course I would never recognize.

Yes the virgin, in principle, is not important a confession, she’s just protective of his family and by all means fighting for the happiness of the most expensive people.


Patience is its trump card. If there’s a dear person, Cancer will stand up to any test. She will not complain about destiny, she just loves and waits, when from behind storm clouds the sun peeks out.

She fiercely protects the family home, not satisfied with the scandals and reproaches. It only gives his love, assuring deputies that all of his work. Coming after a hard day at home waiting for the man of warmth and coziness.

She’s a good listener, a kind of “vest”, absorbs negativity. Cancer will never refuse the request, the rights of its male or not, will always be his defense.

The interests of the family for her always above all friends and pleasures. His reverent attitude, unlimited patience, Cancer is sure to make her beloved the happiest man.


A consummate strategist, she doesn’t need superpowers to make several moves ahead to predict the course of events. Logical thinking Capricorn developed to such an extent that people have not had time to speak, and she already knows in advance, how to end a conversation.

She works carefully, trying not to tell the man. Silently agrees, nods, and then casually brings the faithful to the correct decision.

Silent grey cardinal, Capricorn is not chasing gratitude and recognition, because she knows who really runs the show.

Yes it is, an amulet, a generator of ideas and a reliable rear for the men, she leaves him in a difficult moment, held his hand to any test and will lead the beloved to success.


She idealizes choice, looks at him through the prism of pink. In the ordinary, unremarkable guy she sees the hero, the Prince of dreams. And let the knight naked and barefoot, it will not stop the Fish in dreams to finish his armor.

Fish hard not to notice lacks but faith keeps her afloat. And this belief is so strong that no storms can’t break it.

Every day the Fish will tell your beloved about its merits, to draw a sweet picture of the future. Yeah so vividly what you want, do not want, and believe in her dreams and wants to turn them into reality.

Also, the Fish is able to absorb the pain of a loved one. She’ll survive and do everything myself, okay, she’s used to it. Importantly protect your man from pain and trouble. Thanks to her support, endless compliments, the man really begins to believe that he absolutely any business on the shoulder. And who am 1000% in his abilities, he will definitely win.

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