4 Dec 2019 – what a holiday today: traditions, taboos and omens

4 грудня 2019 – яке сьогодні свято: традиції, заборони і прикмети

December 4 – Wednesday

Today, December 4, believers celebrate the Introduction in temple Presvjatoj of the virgin Mary. Your attention traditions and superstitions on this day – find out what you can and cannot do!

Date 4 Dec made history several significant events and holidays.


The Church calendar today honors the memory of 4 December is one of the great religious holidays – Introduction to the blessed virgin Mary, also known as the Third all-pure. It is believed that today we should pray for blessing for children and grandchildren.


Wednesday, December 4, nameday of the owners of such names are: Ariadne, Ada, Prokop, Yaropolk, Maria. Don’t forget to congratulate the heroes of the occasion with the Day of the angel!

4 грудня 2019 – яке сьогодні свято: традиції, заборони і прикмети


  • 1563 — the Council of Trent of the Catholic Church, with breaks over the course of 18 years.
  • 1674 — French Jesuits founded the city of Chicago (now USA).
  • 1735 — building on the 10 Downing Street in London became the official residence of the British Prime Minister and has the status so far.
  • 1791 — the first issue of the oldest Sunday Newspapers in the UK Observer.
  • 1808 Napoleon abolished the Inquisition in Spain.
  • 1918 — U.S. President Woodrow Wilson sailed to Europe to participate in the Versailles peace conference. This is the first case, when the highest official of the States left outside of the country.
  • 1939 — by the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet part of Ukraine was created in Lviv oblast, Drohobych, Stanislavsky, Ternopil, Volyn and Rivne region.
  • 1941 in Moscow signed the Soviet-Polish Declaration of friendship and mutual assistance than the London exile government actually recognized the Soviet occupation of Western Ukraine and Western Belarus in September 1939
  • 1941 — in Semipalatinsk (Kazakhstan) began the creative activity evacuated from Kiev academic Ukrainian drama theatre named.Franco.
  • 1979 — opened station of the Kiev metro “pioneer” (now “Forest”).
  • 1987 — resumed the work of the 3rd unit of the Chernobyl NPP.
  • 1989 — the UN General Assembly approved the International Convention against the recruitment, use, financing and training of mercenaries.
  • 1991 — independence of Ukraine recognized Lithuania and Latvia.
  • 1992 — the IV all-Ukrainian Congress of the people’s movement of Ukraine Rukh has turned into a political party, and its Chairman was elected Vyacheslav Chornovil
  • 1995 — Netscape and Sun, in collaboration with a dozen software vendors have announced the creation of the JavaScript programming language, intended to transform the traditional static web pages into dynamic, interactive documents that can satisfy the interests of Internet users.
  • 1996 — from Cape Canaveral launched unmanned space station, Mars Pathfinder, which 4 June 1997 delivered to the surface of Mars special self-propelled device for collecting samples of Martian soil

4 грудня 2019 – яке сьогодні свято: традиції, заборони і прикмети


  • 34 — Persia, the Roman poet, master Satori.
  • 1795 — Thomas Carlyle, English essayist, historian, philosopher
  • 1875 — Rainer Maria Rilke, the renowned Austrian poet (New poems, Dusk elegies, the Sonnets to Orpheus)
  • 1897 Marie Andriessen, Dutch sculptor.
  • 1898 — Stepan kozhumyaka, Ukrainian engineer and bridge Builder, avtodorozhnik, philologist, essayist, dissident, social activist
  • 1913 — Robert Adler, American inventor, one of the developers of a television remote control, the author of a large number of patents.
  • 1922 — Philip Gerard, a French actor (starred in the film Fanfan Tulip, Red and black)
  • 1928 — James Lovell, American astronaut, the first man, who orbited the moon (Apollo 8, 1968).
  • 1949 — Jeff bridges, American actor (Bad time in El Piano, Fire)
  • 1963 — Sergey Bubka, Ukrainian athlete, one of the greatest athletes-jumpers XX
  • 1969 — Jay-Z, the famous rapper (real name Shawn Corey Carter)
  • 1973 — tyra banks, American supermodel, actress, singer, producer and television presenter.


  • If the Introduction SnagIt, it is not necessary to wait for a snowy winter, and if on the contrary, the snow will stay until spring;
  • If today hard frost, the winter will be very cold;
  • If the day is Sunny and frosty weather, then luck is on your side;
  • If Dec 4 cloudy and warm, the new year will be a small harvest;
  • If it is very cold on December 4, the summer will be hot.

4 грудня 2019 – яке сьогодні свято: традиції, заборони і прикмети


  • Can do cleaning, Laundry and sewing;
  • You can not swear, to take offense and quarrel;
  • You can’t eat dairy meals, meat and eggs;
  • You can’t give someone a debt and to ask for money;
  • You cannot nest a marriage.

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