30 years after Freddie Mercury's death, new Queen song unveiled

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 30 years after Freddie Mercury's death, a new Queen song has been unveiled< /p>

More than 30 years after the death of the legendary singer Freddie Mercury, the members of Queen released today, Thursday, a new song by the group in the voice of the late singer. The song, entitled Face it Alone, premiered on BBC radio .

"Master of your own house", so the coping is individual, as is the title of the song: "You have to handle this alone." In a song that is characterized by a minimalist style with melodic synth sounds accompanying Mercury in the background, in contrast to the group's complex and familiar songs.

Last June, the remaining members of Queen, guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor, first claimed to have discovered a hidden song by the band that never was released by Mercury. Time in an interview with the BBC radio station, Taylor said that “This is actually a real discovery. This is from The Miracle sessions, referring to the band's 13th studio album, released in 1989.

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