30 minutes of laughter a day improves health

30 минут смеха в день улучшает состояние здоровья

Scientists were able to scientifically substantiate a well-known saying that laughter prolongs life

People like to laugh, but the pleasure derived from this process — not its only advantage. Italian researchers calculated the daily “norm” of laughter to laughter Lyulin had a salubrious effect.

In order to improve health, people need to laugh for about 30 minutes daily. Reasons for a good laugh any — friendly cartoon, caricature, story — everything, that laugh prolongs life.

30 минут смеха в день улучшает состояние здоровья

Doctors have long said that laughter vibrations normalizes blood flow and motility of the internal organs, particularly the liver, heart and lungs.

Other statistical study, it was calculated that modern man laughs for ten minutes less than a century ago. In some countries even figured out how to make people laugh more. In France, for example, there are courses of laughter, and in Italy — popular laughter yoga.

30 минут смеха в день улучшает состояние здоровья

At the Institute of psychosomatic medicine Riza also believe that laughter is especially important for those who have already turned forty. During laughter is the release of adrenaline and increased immune protection. Practice shows that positive people find it easier to find a common language in the society and make a career.

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