30 million shekels for an apartment. Inside the most expensive complex in Tel Aviv

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 NIS 30 million for an apartment. Inside the most expensive complex in Tel Aviv

The complex in the Neve Tzedek quarter of Tel Aviv has become one of the most expensive places in Israel in recent years. Now the complex, which was formerly owned by Rabbi Kook and was recently sold for 200 million shekels, is being prepared for sale.

The project will include five buildings containing 15 apartments. Price tag for interested parties? Apparently NIS 30 million or more.

Gov Real Estate and Almogam Holdings are currently building a prestigious residential complex in Neve Tzedek with an investment of around NIS 330 million. The 3 dunam site is located in the southwestern part of the district and is located on the first line from the sea.

The project, which was built on the territory where the Rabbi Kook complex used to be, will be carried out to preserve three buildings, the main of which is the Rabbi's historic synagogue.

A very rigorous conservation process is underway for the synagogue, which includes the restoration of the magnificent wall paintings that have been found in it. In addition, the project will include a large decorative swimming pool, underground parking and a basement floor with a spa and an ice pool for residents only.

It should be noted that the luxury apartment market in Israel, like the general housing market, is experiencing a decline in transaction volume, but prices remain very high. galleryChannelId=7b0fea0053794810VgnVCM100000700a10acRCRD&videoChannelId=69a63ec2549a6710VgnVCM100000700a10acRCRD&vcmid=c4642170c0694810VgnVCM1000007RD00a10acVCM1000007RD00a10acVCM1000007RD00a10acVCM1000007RD00a10acVCM1000007RD00a10acVCM1000007RD00a10acVCM1000007RD00a10ac5

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