30 facts you didn’t know about the female body

Despite the fact that the woman is a mystery, scientific facts about the female body can clarify a lot in trying to solve it.

30 фактів, які ви не знали про жіноче тіло

1. Diameter of women’s hair is twice less than men’s.

2. A woman’s heart beats faster male.

3 Women blink twice as often as men.

4. Women’s attachment to male stronger than male to female. Why women are usually more eager to start a family, reports UkrMedia.

30 фактів, які ви не знали про жіноче тіло

This is due to increased levels of oxytocin, as well as the fact that women have better developed those parts of the brain (ventral shell, pale nucleus and frontal part of the brain), where concentrated a long attachment.

5. Women burn fat slower than men — approximately 50 calories per day.

6. Women have stronger immunity.

7. The corpus callosum in the female brain is thicker than in men, and 30% more connections. That is why women are better at multi-tasking.

8. In language women are more taste buds.

9. Women have more pain receptors, but estrogen blocking inflammatory processes, women in General have a higher pain tolerance.

10. Women are better than men, distinguish colors, because cvetorazličenie is directly linked to X chromosome.

11. Women’s skin is 10 times more sensitive than men’s.

12. The female breast does not contain muscle tissue.

13. Muscles and ligaments women more elastin than collagen, so women are more flexible.

14. Women much better than men, distinguish high frequency sounds.

15. The electrical activity of the female brain during sleep is reduced by only 10%, therefore, women’s sleep is more sensitive.

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16. Women are better than men, distinguish shades of sweet taste.

17. Women are worse than men oriented in space. Parallel Parking is possible in 82% males, 71% in first attempt. In women, the result is deplorable. Only 22% can do it, 2/3 of them will make it not the first attempt.

18. For women meet two cerebral center, so the woman easily delivers up to 8,000 words a day, uses up to 3000 sounds and up to 10,000 nonverbal cues. The same figures in men is two times lower.

19. Women from birth developed sense of smell better than men.

20. 80% of women one breast (usually the left) than the other.

21. Women have well-developed peripheral vision. Men have tunnel.

22. Women’s Breasts respond to the temperature. From heat it becomes softer and nipples increase.

23. The time of occurrence of the female orgasm – from 10 to 20 minutes. Men on average only four minutes.

24. Female neck is more mobile, so when she call, she usually turns her head. The man usually turns his whole body.

25. Baldness is X-linked recessive trait, her husband shall inherit from his mother.

26. Due to the presence of two X chromosomes in women rarely revealed complications and chronic diseases.

27. Women cry on average between 30 and 64 times a year, men only 6 to 17 times.

28. 30% of women have a passion for inedible things during pregnancy.

29. Elevated levels of the hormones progesterone, cortisol and estradiol, especially during ovulation, increase women’s feelings of anxiety and a sense of danger. Therefore, intuitively a woman better than a man feels threatened.

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30. Each recruited woman pounds increases the weight of the breast at 20 grams. There is an inverse relationship.

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