3 murders in Israel in less than 24 hours

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 3 murders were committed in Israel in less than 24 hours

There have been three murders in Israel in less than 24 hours. On Friday evening, a 56-year-old man was shot dead in the village of Rama, in the heart of the Galilee.

The medics who arrived at the scene carried out resuscitation measures, but in the end were forced to ascertain his death.

The paramedic said: “The wounded man was unconscious and received a serious penetrating wound of the body. We performed medical tests, but he was lifeless, and we had no choice but to declare him dead.

Previously, a 25-year-old resident of Arar, two suspects in the murder, was shot dead in Lod they were caught trying to escape to the PA.

Before that, a 32-year-old resident of Tamra, who was with his comrades in the village of Zarzir, was shot dead. Suddenly, an unknown person broke into the house and killed him.

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