3 haredi girls with 120 kilograms of gat are detained in Paris

 3 haredi girls with 120 kilograms of ghat were detained in Paris

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Three underage Israeli women were detained at the airport in Paris with 120 kilograms of Gat in their luggage. They pointed to the leader of the group, an Israeli, who was also arrested.

Gat is considered an illegal drug in France.

These are “underage girls from troubled haredi families.”

The girls' case will be heard in a court in Paris tomorrow, February 18th. In the event that they are found guilty of participation in “organized crime” they face long prison terms.

The mother of one of the detainees, A., gave an interview to the KAN channel. She said, “There is no way to talk to her. On the only phone number, on which the local police let me talk with my daughter, they let me talk for half a minute. She screamed: “Mom, save me! Mom, get me out of here!” And she sobbed so that my heart breaks ”.

Mother added: “The state is to blame for everything. Everyone knows everything, it's happening before everyone's eyes. It's all happening because a few happers are cashing in on our innocent kids! Where is the police, where is the state, where is the committee to help the child?”

Since November 2018, more than 170 Israeli citizens have been detained abroad while trying to smuggle ghats. Among the detainees there are teenagers aged 14-15.

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