28-year-old boy raped his own mother in PAIRS

28-летний парень изнасиловал собственную мать в ПАР

In the Eastern Cape province of South Africa, Republic of 28-year-old man arrested for raping his own mother. Both their names were not disclosed.

The victim was walking home one evening from the pub, when I heard behind footsteps. She continued to go forward, but the man attacked her from behind, grabbed and dragged her from the road. After the rape, the offender got away, but shocked by the 50-year-old woman managed to identify him as their own native son, the Chronicle reports.info with reference on the Facts.

The police expressed their anger on the disgusting act of man, “which was to protect your mother.”

In Russia came under the control of the authorities service Tinder

The accused has already appeared before the court. From press reports it is not clear yet, you realize, the man whom he attacked: if the victim was chosen at random or he was deliberately waiting for his mother.

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