2023 Oscar Nominees Announced: List

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 2023 Oscar Nominees Announced: List

The nominees for the prestigious Oscar film award were announced today. 2023.

In the category "Best Film" represented by:
“Avatar: The Path of Water”;
“Banshee of Inisherin”;
“All Quiet on the Western Front”;
"Everything everywhere and at once";
"Top Gun: Maverick";
"Triangle of sadness";
"Women's gossip".

For the award in the category "Best male role" Nominated: Austin Butler ("Elvis"); Colin Farrell (“Banshee of Inisherin”); Brendan Fraser (“Kit”); Bill Nighy ("Live"); Paul Mescal ("My Sunshine").

For "Oscar" in the nomination "Best female role" will compete: Cate Blanchett (“Tar”); Michelle Yeoh (“Everything is everywhere and at once”); Ana de Armas (“Blonde”); Andrea Riseborough (“For Leslie”); Michelle Williams (“Fabelmans”).

In the category “Best Director” Featured by:
Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert – "Everything is everywhere at once";
Steven Spielberg – "Fabelmans";
Todd Field – "Tar";
Martin McDonagh – "Banshee of Inisherin";
Ruben Ostlund – "Triangle of Sorrow".

Among the films in the category "Best Documentary" presented: "Everything that breathes"; “All beauty and bloodshed”; "Volcano of love"; "House of chips"; "Navalny".

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