Tired of being strong: Ani Lorak burst into tears at the concert

Устала быть сильной: Ани Лорак разрыдалась на концерте

Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak at one of their concerts couldn’t control her emotions and started crying on stage.

Ani Lorak continues to tour around the countries of the CIS within the tour Diva, which, according to her concert Director, got into huge debts.

Устала быть сильной: Ани Лорак разрыдалась на концерте

Ani Lorak cried at the concert

In one of his speeches on the background of the scandal with the betrayal of her husband Murat Nalchajian with young Kiev girl Yana Belyaeva and, according to fans, an overabundance of tumultuous events in the life of Ukrainian singer did not keep emotions and broke into tears on the eyes of the public.

The video of the concert Lorak was published on her official page in Instagram.

“The stage is my love. Your love is my life. Thanks…” wrote the star.

Article is from Ani (@anilorak happy) 10 August 2018 at 2:48 PDT

In two days the video was viewed over 630 million times. Fans of the singer in social networks do not cease to support her. Fans claim that Ani Lorak will be able to cope with all the problems and will be able to restore order in his personal life.

Устала быть сильной: Ани Лорак разрыдалась на концерте

Ani Lorak cried at the concert

“Caroline, you’re a fighter! I’m sure you are much stronger than you now think, and you will be able to adequately get out of this situation. And after some time will certainly find true happiness with his daughter. We all you do and we hug tight”, “don’t cry, dear! Karrinochka you big umnichka and one of the most talented and beautiful women of Ukraine! Let your star burns even brighter, You deserve only the best! Kiev with you,” “Carolina, you’re beautiful! The woman changes when hungry, a man changes when snickering. He said, “let’s start with a clean slate.” She said, “will Not work… You for al**the entire book”. You can forgive anything, but only the relations is quite wrong will. Situations that broke us, made us stronger. Karolinska, raise your beautiful head and look at him from above!”, “Do you Diva! You are beautiful, you have a beautiful figure and a very powerful voice! The songs are all not empty, interesting! You are worthy of love, mutual on your part, it just is!!! I hope to find the man You deserve and who deserves You! See You with Russian or Ukrainian richest man, the oligarch or policy. Be happy” comment the users of the social network.

We will remind, earlier in a Network began to write threats to the mistress of her husband Ani Lorak Yana Belyaeva.

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