Sobchak was released without underwear: photos

Ksenia Sobchak fresh the caused outrage in the Network

Собчак вышла в свет без белья: фото

Recently Ksenia Sobchak posted a photo in a very romantic, at first glance, the image. However, fans noticed one detail on the photo of a socialite in Instagram, which caused their indignation, anger and frustration.

36-year-old TV presenter is usually in clothes prefer the classic and more feminine style. A new image of Xenia is perfect for a summer romantic evening with her beloved husband. Fans confused just what Sobchak decided not to wear a light lace dress underwear.

Собчак вышла в свет без белья: фото

In the photo a woman poses in a dress by Russian designer Yana Dress with a handbag from Dior and Jimmy Choo pumps. However, a gentle way ruined love Xenia to wear outfits from famous designers on the naked body. And followers immediately expressed his critical opinion in the comments.

“Bra I forgot to put” “where underwear, candidate?”, “Xenia, this is indecent”, “All for show” – write followers.

Previously known Russian politician and TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak has recorded a very strange video and posted it to the network. So, she went in the car early in the morning with a thickly in the center of the Russian capital.

“People don’t sleep at night. Three hundred…three…forty-seven,” he tried to say TV presenter, probably, having in mind that the clock shows 3:47.

Собчак вышла в свет без белья: фото

TV presenter and socialite Ksenia Sobchak showed itself in a state of intoxication. Found out about it members girls saw the video, which she placed in the stories for your blog.

In the frame clearly not quite sober Sobchak riding in a car at 03.47 am. However, a video in which the person Sobchak looks swollen, and where her bullshit thickly, after some time removed husband of TV presenter, actor Maxim Vitorgan.

We will remind, drunk mother – grief in the family: Sobchak walked around Moscow, like old times.

As reported Know. ua, Sobchak showed an unnaturally large belly.

Also Know As. ua wrote that Sobchak, a scandal due to a new girl Timothy.

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