Scientists named the most useful alcohol

Good news for drinkers: beer proved to be a useful product

Ученые назвали самый полезный алкоголь

Scientists have found that a small amount of beer improves the state of health.

It is reported

As noted, with moderate use the body gets sufficient protein, minerals and vitamins of group B. Maximum allowable daily volume of the beverage that benefits do not exceed 0.55 l for men and for women this rate is reduced to 0.25 l

Ученые назвали самый полезный алкоголь

Moderate consumption of beer reduces the risk of heart disease. Nutritionist Sisi Yip from the United States reported that beer contains phosphorus, iron, calcium, sodium, potassium, copper, manganese, silicon and selenium. The data components are needed by the body for internal processes.

The researcher mentioned that regular consumption of small amounts of beer leads to an increase in the body levels of high density lipoprotein. Scientists call it “good cholesterol”. He takes part in the purification of blood and destroys plaque in arteries.

In addition, scientists made a sensational discovery and cited three main reasons why people have bad eyesight. So, the main factor of vision loss is not heredity, and the fact that we ourselves spoil.

Ученые назвали самый полезный алкоголь

The researchers caution there are three things that negatively affect vision, but to him we are exposed constantly. The main threat scientists see in technology and especially in mobile phones, as they pose harmful to the eyes light. In addition, a person focuses on one point, which forgets to blink and the eyes not getting enough moisture.

Another threat to the vision is the ultraviolet light and its effects a person is exposed to regularly. On Sunny days wear sunglasses with special protection, marked with UV 400 is able to filter out harmful rays and protect eyes from exposure to them. Direct sunlight can cause thermal burns to the retina of the eye that are impossible to feel because the retina has no pain receptors.

Equally important mistake is that many people ignore the existing difficulties with his eyesight, but in the long term, this can provoke an even more negative effect.

Recall, to extend the life and improve health, this habit works wonders.

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