Scientists have measured the speed of death

Scientists calculated how quickly the human body leaves the life

Ученые измерили скорость смерти

The researchers recorded the time at which the death of a person passes through the cells from self-destruction trigger waves. It moves, as it turned out, with the direction of 30 micrometers per second.

Researchers of the Stanford University measured the speed of death. According to them, trigger waves are only now beginning to consider in the regulation of cells. For the experiment, experts used the cytoplasm and the fluid inside the cells from the eggs of the toad. Then it was transferred to Teflon tubes, and then there was a process of programmed destruction of cells. Using a special technique, the scientists watched the self-destruction of cells has traveled the length of the tube.

Ученые измерили скорость смерти

We will remind, the expert and seeker of underwater treasures is Darrell Miklos said that found in the Bermuda triangle unknown ship. Specialist was looking for wrecks on the map of NASA astronaut Gordon Cooper. He made it in 1960, focusing on magnetic anomalies in the Caribbean sea.

“We worked in the Bahamas in the area of shipwrecks associated with the English captain Francis Drake. But what I saw was shocking. The education that stuck out was the largest from what I saw in nature. For the remnants of the shipwreck disaster, it was too big. There is a steep cliff. And a stick of 15 objects similar to naval guns. But they are too large. Located in groups of five pieces in three different places. It doesn’t look like natural formation or the result of human activities,” says Miklos.

55-year-old Darrell began to study the notes and maps of Cooper. He found that the astronaut was not talking about ships, and “indefinite articles”. This indicates that he could have meant something else, not sea vessels.

In addition, Cooper often told stories about UFOs and believed that many of the technologies the government has received from other planets. During his life he piloted the Mercury-Atlas 9 Faith 7 became the first man to sleep in space and flew twice.

We will remind, scientists have uncovered the secret of the Egyptians, which worried everyone.

As reported Znaia the end of the world in two weeks: scientists just killed his prognosis.

Also Znayu wrote a team of scientists from the University of California, medical Institute of Howard Hughes and John Hopkins University, USA has created three-dimensional map of high definition brain of fruit flies.

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