Loboda showed the true face

Svetlana Loboda surprised fans with the no makeup

Лобода показала истинное лицо

Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda loves bright makeup and rarely changes his “shouting” style. However, in a recent photo in Instagram the flamboyant singer decided to show how it looks without makeup.

Selfie the 35-year-old actress without makeup has caused excitement among fans of the singer. They immediately started writing comments with a lot of compliments Loboda.

Лобода показала истинное лицо

“And without make beautiful”, “Most beautiful, natural and gentle”, “So pretty, I love it!”, – admire the fans.

However, not only photos, but signed for publication aroused the interest of its followers. She quoted the famous song love the assumption: “More love… and whether it is necessary”.

Detractors felt that the ambiguous phrase about love Loboda decided to “stir up” interest in his own person and once again make everyone wonder who is the father of her second child.

Fans, in turn, speculated who could be dedicated to quote. Many agreed that the phrase is addressed to the lead singer of the band Rammstein to Till Lindermann, who is credited with the paternity of her second daughter Svetlana Loboda.

Note that the artist never confirmed the speculation.

Лобода показала истинное лицо

Journalists managed to find out where the hidden singer Svetlana Loboda with her newborn daughter Tilda. Super reports about it on his page in social network Instagram.

Daughter Svetlana Loboda Tilde is already two months old. During this time the network does not have any photos of the newborn girl and the singer conceals the child from prying eyes.

Recall, men kissing: Putin’s priest blessed sinner clip Loboda. According to the priest, in the clip from the first minute in front of the audience appear footage of the debauchery.

As reported Know. ua, in white pants and heels: Loboda played basketball. Svetlana Loboda showed a new image, but not all his fans appreciated.

Also Know As. ua wrote that the doll from sex-shop: the scandalous Loboda pleasure showed as she strips. The clothes emphasized the figure of the singer, which, as noted by fans, after childbirth have not changed.

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