3 important things that men unlike women never suffer

So, Madam. Think it’s definitely worth it, and the rest depends on you.

3 важливі речі, які чоловіки на відміну від жінок ніколи не терплять

It is no secret that men and women have different views on relationships and behave differently in them. Women, for example, more patient. That is, they put up with more inconveniences in the name of preserving relationships than men. And to be quite honest, men hardly would stay in relationships as long as women, if they had to endure what us, informs Rus.Media.

All the attention in social networks

Men don’t like woman constantly looking at your smartphone. They will consider it disrespectful and speak about it… but women suffer carefully holding back, or, worse, hysterics instead of calmly say.

For all of us will do

A woman came home from work, have to clean, cook dinner, then again to get out and then she’ll give myself some time to relax. Men should learn to appreciate a woman and help her.

The lack of intimacy

For some men even a short lack of intimacy is a sure signal to search for someone on the side. For women, the same male coldness is always a concern, but not cause of cheating.

Psychologists believe that problems in intimate life need to discuss in the early stages, otherwise the partners will move away from each other, which can lead to treachery and tear.

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