You break your own appliances, without even knowing it

Cause breakage of the machine or “microwaves” is its proper use.

Ви ламаєте власну побутову техніку, навіть не підозрюючи про це

Modern home appliances you cannot even imagine. Washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, have become indispensable in our homes, and apartments. Once the house is broken – it becomes a real tragedy. Repair or purchase of such equipment strongly hits the family budget. But many do not realize that the cause of the failure of his beloved “machine” or “microwave” is its proper use, informs Rus.Media.


Often the machine breaks down due to the fact that the drum is stuck to the little things. Therefore, in order to avoid breakdowns, things like bras, thongs, baby socks should be Packed in a special washing bag.

Before washing you need to make sure that the pockets, no stuff, no keys, no candy. Often this forgetfulness may cause breakage of the machine.

Not worth it in the washing machine to push a lot of things. First, they can break, and secondly, will be badly washed, and, thirdly, will be the reason that you will have to apply to the master on home appliances repair.

Descaler not only help, but can cause malfunction of the machine. They better not be abused.

You need to be very careful. As soon as things papalia, they need to take. You should monitor the cleanliness in the container for powder, a rubber drum.


Clean – the guarantee of good operation of the furnace. As soon as I saw the accumulation of fat on the walls of “microwaves” – immediately clean it. The main thing is not to overdo it. No need to scrape the walls with a fury. All you need to do very carefully.

This appliance is designed for warming food. Therefore, to include it in that moment, when a dish with food in it is not worth it. So you will only ruin the magnetron.

You should know that when using the oven it should not be foil or metal objects. Thanks to the latter, the stove can sankriti.

In “the microwave” should not be products are easier fifty grams. If you do decide to put these, along with them, you need to put in the oven and even a glass of water.

The dishwasher

Do not put dishes too high in the machine. It should not close the sprayer.

It is necessary to use special salt. This will help prevent the appearance of plaque on the walls of the machine.

No need to put in a “dishwasher” dishes with large food remnants. It will clog up the drain.

If you need to wash a few dishes, and the machine is large, it is best to wash the dishes in the rinsing program.

If the dishes are poorly washed, the cause may be that you simply downloaded it wrong or picked the wrong program.

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