With the loss of vision life does not end: the story of a blind skateboarder

The story of a guy who lost his eyesight but never lost faith in life.

З втратою зору життя не закінчується: історія сліпого скейтбордиста

Marcelo Lazard now often call as “Blind rider” (The Blind Rider), because they think that a nickname reflects his personality. Marcelo lost so early and skidka vision is not their fault, informs Rus.Media.

Diagnosis. The final. But no – he step by step stepped through and studied, because many will not be able to do in my life.

З втратою зору життя не закінчується: історія сліпого скейтбордиста

He is a native of Argentina, but now lives and skateboarding in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Marcelo barely 18 years old when in the right eye appeared suspicious spot. Doctors are “pleased” – you have a optic neuropathy of Leiber, inherited genetic disease. Caught up, so to speak, and medicines does not exist, we do not live in a fairy tale. Very quickly the right eye of the guy is completely blind and he was already resigned to this, when the same problem began with the left. Time flew so fast that Marcelo had no time to recover, as it appeared in the dark. The end.

The depression was so strong that Marcelo couldn’t even kill herself – for this you need something to do, and he couldn’t. It saved a friend of his father, who literally pulled a guy on the street: don’t sit still, go, learn to live again! Until that moment he had a little mastered the skateboard and brought buddies on the Playground for stunts, so Marcelo decided to get back on Board. Will not be worse, because all that will be – it will be better than sitting in the dark and whining from impotence. And he went.

The blind rider is focused on the hearing – there’s somebody over there has fallen, is jumped, squeaked the wheel rustled stones. So he determines where to go, and the cane helps to identify the obstacle. Body easily balance it, and if not to lose orientation in space, perform stunts… not more complicated than at first sight. In skateboarding, unlike football or Golf, there are no rules, but there are a lot of loads, communication with other riders and live action. All that helps to feel like a man, not an invalid, says Marcelo.

Today, Marcelo learns the sound of each racing shell on the ground, can distinguish themselves skateboards individuals and goes as confident as ever in my life. Sometimes he mocks the situation and says that he is destined to go blind to learn something really new and interesting. Life goes on!

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