Why the cat (the cat) is asleep on the man. What do the postures and the selected location

When the cat gets on your lap or lies next, it thus shows its location and attachment.

Чому кіт (кішка) спить на людині. Що означають пози і вибране місце

When the cat gets on your lap or lies next, it thus shows its location and attachment. When a pet cat is sleeping in the bed of the owner, he uses it as a warm place with a familiar smell. He relaxed when he feels the closeness of its owner, and the cat is sure that this is how he controls people. According to another theory, the cat is sleeping on the person or things in order to absorb negative energy and to relieve pain. This animal feels vulnerable and falls on the part of the body where it hurts and has a fever, informs Rus.Media.

The cat and man

For cats it is important to participate in the life of the owner and to be part of the events. Lying down on the man’s place, her clothes or jumping to her hands, they feel in the thick of things, and with the help of smell get additional information.

When a cat rubs against a person’s and her things, she leaves her scent and accept her as a member of its pack. Especially if the kitten was previously otlozhenii mother, it is and accept the person. Cat is worried about her and if she feels the problem in her body, falls on a weak spot, sharing its healing energy.

For some human reason, the cat likes to sleep is not in the cat house, and into the human bed or in a chair. Pregnant women are often at a disadvantage when the pet sits them on her stomach. They are worried that the pet will harm the pressure of its weight on the fetus. And some fear that the cat is experiencing some kind of deviation. In fact, the animal just leaning against the warm and living space.

The behavior of the pet

If the kitten is used to sleeping in the bed of the owner, this behavior becomes a bad habit cat. It is difficult to wean not to go to bed, though he had long ceased to shiver and freeze. Becoming an adult and independent (in his opinion), the cat still feels vulnerable during sleep. And since he sleeps most of his life, the smell of the owner calms and gives a sense of security. People many times more than your pet, and the animal feels confident and invincible under its protection.

Settling down on a chair or sofa, the animal is experiencing similar emotions, but because the sheets and blanket smell hardest person pet prefers to sleep on the bed.

There is a scientific explanation to why the cat falls on to certain places on the body of the host. Looking for a warm place, cat finds it where the person elevated temperature. The disease always begins with inflammation and fever the patient body parts and adjacent tissues. If the owner of a stomach ache, a cat rests on this place. Twist knees – a student rolls up in a ball on the feet of its owner.

Some cat owners notice that after the cat night, sleep in their bed, they feel a lot better. They believe that the animal was treated or took over their weakness.

There’s a logical explanation:

  • The cat has a placebo effect or zootherapy.
  • People feel the usual lack of sleep, and sleep, just feel good.

Unhealthy bodies attract the cat with its warmth, and so he loves to sleep on the warmest area of the human body.

Favorite places cats

For cats who do not like to be petted and touched, sleep in the bed of the owners has a selfish content with which animals assert themselves.

Most of all they love to lie:

  • on the chest;
  • on the back;
  • the man’s head.

A cat rests on the chest a ball, when she wants and can pretend to be asleep while lying with eyes open. The man, seeing what pleasure his pet this posture, does not dare to expel him from himself and willing to suffer these small inconveniences.

Climbing on top of the sleeping host, narcissistic animal trying to show that she’s in charge here. And it doesn’t bother sleeping or not. The cat sits on it like on your trophies, pleased with himself and his position in the house. The same can be said if the cat sleeps or sits on the pillow.

But those cats who prefer to sleep in the legs, provide a more gentle and peaceful character. Cats feel the fatigue and heaviness of the legs and trying to lie down. If the cat sits on the pillow, he feels elevated temperature and warms himself, while comforting the owner.

Choosing a comfortable place to sleep, the animal at the same time trying to keep warm and to feel safe. Such places are the closet, dresser, nightstand and bed. Human sofa and a bed for the cat where he feels himself the master of the house or apartment.

Folk omens

The most famous superstition about cats says that: “Where the cat sleeps there and it hurts”. It was noticed by the people who helped the cat to cope with the disease. If the person is engaged in mental activities, and his cat likes to lie on his head, and then the pet owner feels relaxed, it is easy to see that a pet helps to get rid of a headache.

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