Violent Russian woman staged a brawl, tied directly to the plane. Video

Буйную россиянку, устроившую дебош, связали прямо в самолете. Видео

Network users all discuss the video with the Russian tourist on the flight from Moscow to Antalyathe Woman apparently started to celebrate their vacation even before you arrive at the resort, however, during his fights the staff had to tie her up, writes the online edition of the with reference to Politeka

The woman in the video poluogolennoy, sitting on the floor and awkwardly yells with tears. Netizens advised the flight attendants to wear this kind of leisure parachute and face “personal fit.”

Others noted that atractocerinae the problem with Russian tourists, were surprised, why all Russians are alcoholics.

However, some noted that it’s not alcohol, and mental disorders.

Note, however, that this is not an isolated incident – three days before on the same flight to Antalya the Russian tourists overdid the alcohol. At the airport in Turkey the man was so disoriented that couldn’t go, wondered where he was and demanded a dialogue in English.

The attempts of the crew to escort the man out of the plane, he threatened to kill them. It ended up that the telescopic ladder mount camper fell just to his wife at his feet.

We will remind, the Crimean hostess told us about the terrible manners of Russian tourists. Users of the social network funny story of a woman named Elizabeth, mistress of one of the private hotels in the occupied foros. Elizabeth complained about the manners of tourists who come to rest in the Crimea.

“Tourists went tight. Don’t want to pay. And yet – I earlier with such never met – taking all the rooms: towels, blankets. This year was removed from the walls and took pictures! I of course blame herself, accustomed to nothing to lock up, to trust, numbers do not check, but this even could not imagine”, – the woman noted in comments to the newspaper news of the Crimea”.

“I think these cash flows, as five years ago, in the Crimea will never be. I mean in dollar terms. The course has changed, prices have risen, but our prices – no. Have a big part of what helped, back to invest. This year, for example, has updated the mattresses, mattress covers, something else on the little things. Updated, and how?”, – said the owner of the hotel Elizabeth.

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