This dog waited for its owners are asleep, and only then went to bed

Find out why.

Ця собака чекала поки її господарі заснуть, і тільки після цього лягала спати

This story is not indifferent to the thousands of people. The moral – do not alter their Pets.

Recently, the family took a dog from a shelter. The dog was a great friend and immediately became a member of the family. Her owners knew that they did the right thing, informs Rus.Media.

Every day they take her for walks, taught her tricks. And as it turned out, their four-legged friend was a smart dog!

However, shepherd, every night did something strange: the dog was sitting beside the bed of the hosts and waiting until they fall asleep. Although they understood that there is nothing to worry about, all they’d care.

After a few weeks they realized that it became a habit animals, they saw him with slightly closed eyes, but he never slept.

The owners began to worry and took the animal to the vet. However, he said that there are no deviations.

Ця собака чекала поки її господарі заснуть, і тільки після цього лягала спати

The owners were happy to hear this, but the unusual behavior of a pet haunted. They understand what you need to know more about the past of the animal and went to the same orphanage where they got the pet. They told workers about the strange habits of the animal, and heard something which caused tears.

It turned out that the previous owner brought the dog to the shelter at night. Just picked up and moved her, she slept at this time, and when I woke up, never saw it.

When the new owners of the dog heard this, they understood. They went home and moved the pillow where you slept in the dog room to show that they will not betray him.

Since the day they sleep in the same room. But the dog took a few weeks to realize that meant the gesture, and soon the shepherd understood everything and began to sleep soundly at night! She knew it was a home where people love her and will not give offense to!

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