They poured WD40 in the motor instead of oil, look what happened then

Motorists from the United States decided to experiment with world-known panacea for all ills — WD40.

Вони залили WD40 в мотор замість масла, дивись що було потім

WD40 is a versatile lubricant on the container which indicates that it can be used instead of motor oil. Guys just quoting the label on the canister, informs Rus.Media.

The victim was an old Ford Probe, bought online for $ 240. The machine has a lot of haters due to the fact that it looks like a sports car, but in reality it is a weak front-drive car, which is a questionable value. It is called “wrong wheel drive” – literally, “the wrong reason”.

The car has stood the test track with sharp gear changes and irregular revs. But complaints about the smell was still. To finish off the poor Ford guys just clamped the gas pedal in first gear, so the engine worked on the cut-off – in extreme mode.

After about three minutes the engine produces epic explosion, but continues to work!

Conclusion: WD40 can replace the engine oil, but don’t.

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