The waitress was incredibly surprised when I saw the note left by the “cowboys”

No matter what the race, it is important to always remain human beings.

Офіціантка була неймовірно здивована, коли побачила записку, залишену "ковбоями"

May we all spend some seconds, solving, whether to leave a 10 percent, or 15 percent tip. But this story, which happened in Washington, just goes beyond. Black waitress Rosalind Harris had a table of “white” cowboys who came from Texas. Just a few days ago Rosalind took part in the March of feminists against trump!

To put it mildly, this situation could become awkward for both parties, but this time happened something amazing!

When the cowboys went, Rosalind glanced at the check and was amazed that men left a $ 450 tip for the order in the amount of $ 72.60, informs Rus.Media.

Plus, with the check was a note: “We may be the bearers of different cultures and may not agree with certain issues, but if each of us will share his smile and kindness, as you have done, and we exist as one people – the American people!”.

Офіціантка була неймовірно здивована, коли побачила записку, залишену "ковбоями"

“I can confidently say that the actions of the men instantly changed my perception about this world. It doesn’t matter if you’re Republican or Democrat! In the end we are one country!”.

The restaurant where this happened, designed to help “inspire social change, to begin the transformation of our community and the world” – it says so on the official page in Facebook.

“We all live the American spirit,” said Jason white, the person who left this tip!

Rosalind at the moment looking for money for a down payment for an apartment. Help cowboys literally saved her.

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