The tennis ball will relieve you from muscle pain

9 tested and effective exercises.

Тенісний м&#039яч позбавить вас від болю у м&#039язах

Use a tennis ball for massage is a great way to ease the pain that was caused by chronic muscle tension, informs Rus.Media.

Most people especially feel pain in the neck, back, arms and knees. The tension in these areas is associated with repetitive movements of lifestyle, such as:

– sitting for long periods of time shortens the muscles that surround your lower back and knees;

– computer use or printing text messages on the phone is put under load the neck, hand and wrist;

9 ways to use a tennis ball for relief of pain:

Pain in the legs

The ball relaxes the whole back part of the body, weakening the connective tissue in the legs.

Place the ball under the arch of the foot, standing beside the chair for stability. Inhale, keeping your heel on the floor and push body weight to the ball, exhale and release the pressure. Repeat for a minute.

Strained calf

Massaging the tissue along the leg muscle helps to release tension from the muscles connecting the back of the knee with the heel.

Sit on the floor, keeping one foot. Put the balls in caviar and swing the leg from side to side on the balls. Then move the balls a few inches and repeat.

The pain in my knees

Release pressure from the tight connective tissue that runs through the IT band and outer quads, and relieves knee pain.

Down on the right forearm, keeping the right leg straight and left leg bent to support the weight of the body. Put two bullets under the right thigh, between the leg and the ground. Turn the thigh from side to side on the balls and repeat on the other leg.

Pain in the hips

Point therapy on the outer hip releases muscle tension in this area.

Lie on your back, bent knees, feet on the floor. Lower your right knee to the side. Return the body weight from right to left across the ball, take 15 breaths and repeat on the other side, placing the ball under your right thigh.

Back pain

Relaxes the lower back, releasing the pressure.

Lie on your back, bent knees, feet on the floor. Raise your thumbs to the back of the pelvis to find the two little bony bumps on either side of your spine (posterior superior iliac spine). When done, place each ball at the point of the thumb. Free weight in the balls, deep breath.

Stretching arms

Releases the muscles of the hands, which become stiff from driving and computer use.

Sit on the floor and place your hands on the ball. Slide your body forward to put pressure on your hand. Breathe deeply for a minute. Place the hand across the ball, up and down, and side-by-side.

Tension in the jaw

Sit down, holding the ball in one hand. Place the ball along the chin, from ear lobe to chin, making gentle circular movements. Do it a minute and then repeat on the other side.

Strained chest

Relaxes tight muscles of the chest, which improves posture and breathing.

Lie on your back and place the ball on the left side of the chest, returning his right hand.

Tense neck

Relaxes the muscles on the back of the neck that hold the head upright.

Lie down on your back. Put two bullets in the base of the skull, one on either side of the spine. Let the neck relax against bullets, not using excessive force. Gently turn your head to the right and to the left, keeping the chin on the chest.

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