The sun will make your sex hotter. Find out the secret

The sun affects sexual activity in men

Солнце сделает ваш интим горячее. Узнайте, в чем секрет

All about vitamin D, which enters the human body during extended stays outside in the sultry season. British scientists conducted a study on the impact of the Sun on men and women. In the end they found out that the fairer sex is better to dwell in the shadows, because an overabundance of vitamin D negatively affects the production of certain hormones.

Men sunlight acts as a stimulant of sexual activity because for him the body gets a lot of testosterone. To get the necessary dose of vitamin D, you need to be under the Sun just about thirty minutes. Scientists, meanwhile, said that a long stay outside in the heat adversely affects the skin, so after a short walk is better to go into the shadows.

Солнце сделает ваш интим горячее. Узнайте, в чем секрет

Earlier it was reported that scientists have uncovered the secret of perfect sex. Experts in the field of sexology told the secret to a perfect and long lasting sex that will bring pleasure to both partners. So, the scientists advised to give up bad habits that may impair sensitivity during intimate caresses and to reduce the duration of sexual intercourse.

In their opinion the main problem which disturbs the intimate life are alcohol and tobacco, because alcohol is considerably dulls the senses and reduces the sexual activity of partners. A healthy lifestyle and regular physical activity are the main recommendations of the sexologists. They note that shortness of breath, cough and flabby body is not very conducive to make love.

Солнце сделает ваш интим горячее. Узнайте, в чем секрет

Rich sex life depends on the richness of the diet. To become a hero in bed, you must eat right. To get rid of stress and improve circulation will help the balance of vitamins and amino acids.

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