The package on the scale: how to deceive us in stores

Watch the video in the story is how easy it is to cheat the sellers.

Пакет на вагах: як нас дурять в магазинах

Pay ever attention to the usual plastic bag that some sellers put on the scales? This is done not for beauty: here is his malice, informs Rus.Media.

To tell the truth about the fraud of dishonest sellers choose the butcher with 10-the summer experience Dmitry Kolesnikov. So this man certainly knows how to buy food properly.

Many people believe that a plastic bag placed on the scales for cleanliness. But a good butcher weight, and so kept in perfect order: they are not used either for vegetables or for fish – only meat. What is the secret? Dmitry will tell about this in detail:

Sleight of hand and no fraud. Be careful not to be fooled.

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