The husband of Ani Lorak for the first time commented on the scandal with cheating

The husband of Ani Lorak, which at the end of last month was caught on a date with a Kiev girl Yana Blavou, broke the silence.

Чоловік Ані Лорак вперше прокоментував скандал зі зрадою

Recently in the Network leaked the incriminating video where the husband of Ani Lorak at the club in the company Insta-girl Yana Belyaeva. Fans of the singer were shocked by the behavior of Murat Nalchajian and gave him a real hunt in the Network, informs Rus.Media.

All this time, Ani Lorak and her pious was silent, but the husband could not withstand the pressure of the public, left a statement to Instagram Stories.

Чоловік Ані Лорак вперше прокоментував скандал зі зрадою

Do not judge my actions, thoughts and feelings from his point of view. You don’t even know half of what’s going on inside me.

The post Murat Nalchajian accompanied the photo with a picture of a guy who looks into the distance of ocean. Netizens agreed that “someone else’s soul – a dark forest, and family relationships too.” Many followers have compared her husband’s statement with quotes from the vanilla public for teenagers.

Чоловік Ані Лорак вперше прокоментував скандал зі зрадою

By the way, before Yana Belyaeva, which amused Murat, concealed accounts in social networks from angry users ‘ comments. Later, the girl opened the page and warned that it will block everyone who write crap. She also boasted that took place in the final of the prestigious Ukrainian competition of beauty.

Recall that after the scandal, Ani Lorak at the time, disappeared from social networks, however, a few days back, triggering rumors about the divorce are very eloquent photo. Forgive the actress, the cheating husband decides to put an end, is still unknown.

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