The cops saved a grown man from squirrel: photo

Militiamen managed to stop the evil intentions of the squirrel

Копы спасли взрослого мужчину от бельчонка: фото

The German police arrived on call to protect the man from the attack of baby squirrels.

This is reported by the media.

Officers in Karlsruhe called on the phone. When they arrived at the scene, witnessed as the animal continues to terrorize the man.

After the exhausted squirrel was asleep, they took him into custody.

In the message of militiamen indicated that the rodent became their new mascot, and his name was Karl Friedrich.

Копы спасли взрослого мужчину от бельчонка: фото

Now you take care of the animal rescue centre.

Squirrels usually go after people when they need food or help.

The press-Secretary of police Christine Krenz said that the squirrels who have lost their mothers, may instead turn their attention to the people they meet.

“It can be quite scary,” she said, adding that the person who called the police, “obviously felt in danger.”

But not all of the stories, which involve proteins that have such a happy ending.

In July, the government of new York has warned visitors to the Park Prospect Park, to avoid the “unusually aggressive” squirrel that attacked five people during a single week.

Last year a group of six squirrels have bitten to bleed to a three year old boy in the English County of Cornwall.

Копы спасли взрослого мужчину от бельчонка: фото

However, it should be noted that in Kam’yans’ke (Dnipropetrovsk region) of the service dog helped the police to find the child who went missing.

Hero Paco

It is now known that the cops asked the father of 8-year-old girl. He rohovit them that on 1 may, the daughter went for a walk but never returned home. It is known that with you it was not, so the father was forced to contact their handlers.

“Helped to find the child a service dog Paco, which when viewed from the houses in the private sector on the street Perekopskaya surely stopped at one of them”, – stated in the message.

Fortunately, all has managed: the girl just left to spend the night with a girlfriend, and parents to say forget about it.

Копы спасли взрослого мужчину от бельчонка: фото

Dogs and people: why they so often save us?

It is worth noting that zoologists have long come to the conclusion that dogs are able to understand human behaviour and can perceive different situations from our point of view.

This may indicate that animals are able to change their behavior given the behaviors of their owners.

Such data can be valuable for understanding the abilities of the dogs that are in close contact with a person, in particular, guide dogs and search dogs.

In Khmelnytskyi shepherd rescued the hosts from attack of the snake

We will remind, scientists found unique species of sharks that can walk.

As reported “Znayu” scientists took the appearance of a majestic animal.

Also “Znayu” wrote that the Muscovite in the children executed the dog.

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