The addiction will fight heroin

Norway is going to give drug addicts heroin on prescription

С наркозависимостью будут бороться героином

In Norway considering the possibility to distribute heroin on medical prescription to people with drug dependence. The authors thus expect to reduce the number of crimes due to drug addiction and incidence of overdose.

Norway is one of the leaders in Europe in number of overdoses. There are going to conduct an experiment in which most addicted people will write a prescription for free heroin.

С наркозависимостью будут бороться героином

Oslo hopes to improve the quality of life. About it reports The Guardian.

At the moment, the Directorate for health and social Affairs determines which patients will participate in the pilot program. Also determines how to implement and how much it will cost. This is evidenced by the Minister of health of Norway, bent Goya.

“We hope that this will provide a solution that will improve the quality of life of some drug addicts, which we do not have access and for whom the existing program,” he said.

Norway is a leader in mortality due to overdose in Europe. So, in 2015, per million population in the country accounted for 81 dead from an overdose.

Above this figure only in Sweden, where 88 deaths per million population and Estonia, where 132 death per million population.

Such treatment programs heroin has been tested in Switzerland, Denmark and the Netherlands. They caused a mixed assessment.

At the same time advocates of the program believe that it helps to improve the quality of life of drug users and reduces the number of overdoses. In parallel is reduced and the number of crimes.

Norway plans to launch a program for heroin treatment in 2020. Estimated that it can take advantage of up to 400 addicts.

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