Survived only child: a passenger aircraft was in a horrible car accident

The plane crashed in Indonesia

Выжил только ребенок: пассажирский самолет попал в жуткую автокатастрофу

In Indonesia nine people who were aboard the plane Dimonim Air, eight were killed. It is reported Xinhua.

“The plane was detected this morning, eight died and one survived,” – said the representative of the Ministry of transport of Indonesia Bambang Erwan.

Earlier it was reported that on August 11, in the mountainous region of Eastern Papua province of Indonesia has lost contact with the private plane onboard which there were nine people. This was reported by the Agency AR.

On the Bor aircraft were two pilots and seven passengers. Among them was 12-year-old child. The plane lost communication shortly before communication with the pilots control station in Oksibil.

Выжил только ребенок: пассажирский самолет попал в жуткую автокатастрофу

It is reported that the Swiss aircraft Pilatus PC-6 Porter British airlines Air Dimonin roughly carried out a 42-minute flight from Tana Mayor in the district of Boven Digul to Oksibil, the district capital of Pegunungan Bintang, which borders with Papua New Guinea.

“Easy private plane with nine people on Board was missing Saturday in the highlands of the Eastern Indonesian province of Papua”, – stated in the message.

The local government has sent rescuers to a possible crash site, as reported by the locals one of the villages. According to them, they heard loud noises and explosions.

In addition, in the Central part of Japan wrecked a Japanese helicopter rescue service. Reported by the Associated Press.

It is known that onboard there were nine people. There is little official information about their condition no. The crash occurred in a mountainous area in Gunma Prefecture.

Rescuers went in there to check preparation of a mountain trail for climbers, the opening of which was scheduled for this weekend. The local authorities started investigation of the incident.

In addition, Switzerland continues to investigate the crash of a tour plane Ju-2 with tourists on Board. The incident occurred on 4 August. At the moment, confirmed the death of all 20 people who were on Board.

Among the dead were 17 passengers and three crew members. The plane of airline Ju-Air was used for sightseeing tours of the Swiss Alps.

Recall, flying from the Bulgarian Burgas to Moscow airliner “Boeing-737” with Russian tourists on Board was struck by lightning. As a result of incident nobody suffered, the plane landed safely.

As reported Znayu 10 August at 22.46 local rescuers the message that in a field near the village of Panivtsi, Borshchiv district, Ternopil region fell and the plane caught fire.

Also Znayu wrote, the network leaked video from the crash site of a passenger plane on August 10 was stolen from the international airport Seattle-Tacoma.

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