Stalin gave the order: the network has made fun of the choir of the Moscow priests

Now I understand why priests accordion

Сталин дал приказ: в сети высмеяли хор московских попов

The network is gaining popularity video, which the Seminary choir of the Russian Orthodox Church performs a song about the struggle with the heresy to the tune of Stalin’s March. The corresponding video is published on the Twitter page of “Team of ZinaPortnova”.

“The contest of Amateur art in our psychiatric hospital,” – says the record the author of the post.

Сталин дал приказ: в сети высмеяли хор московских попов

Many users joking about the song the Church choir under garmon, however, some also indicate that the motive of the composition is taken from a popular Soviet song “March of the gunners,” written in 1943, also known as “Stalin gave the order.” In the “March of the seminarians,” these words are replaced with “the Lord gave the order”.

Earlier it was reported that the networks are laughing at the “beach fashion” of the invaders. There was a photo of a strange “fashion beach” in the temporarily occupied Donetsk. The corresponding photo published in Twitter account “Zalyshenets donatski”.

“Warrior in heels. Caution! On the streets, “Alacant”. #Donetsk”, – stated in the caption to the photo.

In the pictures you can see the girl in the form of militants of illegal armed groups, which walks through the streets of the occupied city not in the tibia, and in a ridiculous bright high heels.

Users actively commented on what they saw. According to one user, lady-Thriller comes home from work. “Tactical stud, one can see”, “It is from the pen of special operations, is on a mission”, “Scoobydo,” write the users of social networks.

We also wrote that the network had a laugh from a Russian official, who inaugurated the… the lamp. Chairman Oleninskaya district of Tver region, member of the ruling party “United Russia” Oleg Dubov inaugurated a road lantern in the village of Holmets.

We will remind, Ukrainians are laughing at the new outfit Tymoshenko.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that social networks are laughing at photo shop occupied Lugansk.

Also “Znayu” I wrote that laughing at cocaine Paradise Zakharova.

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